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Amadu Baba is one of Africa’s most prominent collectors of African Art, with a collection comprising thousands of unique pieces. He is widely consulted by galleries, universities and museums looking to build African Art collection. Selections from Baba’s artwork have been exhibited both in Ghana and internationally. Most recently, some of these were showcased at the celebrations of Ghana’s 60th independence anniversary.

Baba is a strong believer in the heritage embedded in West African Art forms and the importance of preserving and safeguarding these unique ethnic expressions of culture and heritage. He sees art as the ultimate expression of his society’s “soft power” both as a repository of culture and as potentially, a key cornerstone of heritage-driven economy. It is his hope that his collection will form the nucleus of a museum that he hopes to establish as his legacy for the preservation and promotion of these important Ghanaian and West African out forms.

He owns Amba Gallery in Ghana, that houses a fraction of his collection that is available for sale. Amba Gallery leads in the Tribal Art market for high quality original pieces in Ghana. The gallery substantial stock of statuary, furniture and textiles is probably unmatched in West Africa.

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