Nyornuwofia Agorsor

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Nyornuwofia Agorsor (B. 1983) is a Ghanaian artist (Painter/Musician). She is a (Vocalist, Instrumentalist, Composer and Performer). She comes from an artistic family. Being largely an autodidact, she supplements her skill with studies at the studio of Kofi Agorsor. Her work is generally characterized by a childlike innocence that makes it extraordinary, appealing to all. Being so accessible, Nyornuwofia friendly, almost jovial canvases readily disperse their poignant messages without the dizzying pretentions and trappings of the adult world. She believes in the essence of quality family moments and spends a great deal of her time sharing both artistic and academic knowledge with her kids. She says she likes teaching her kids to keep them on track. She thinks this part of her life has so much influence on her paintings. She also says education in Africa is servitude; our education system is not geared toward creating or bringing out the creative genius in the society which would add value to our natural resources and to make proper use of our human resources into science and technology which would benefit our continent and the world at large. She believes that a total change in our education system, into our African knowledge system would transform the African continent totally and the world at large. Nyornuwofia is the lead Vocalist of the Agorsor Band.

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